A recipe from The Woks of Life or the YouTube from Magic Ingredients

“You-tiao, also known as Chinese fried churros, Chinese cruller, Chinese oil stick, Chinese doughnut, and fried breadstick” ~Wikipedia


  • all purpose flour 2 1/4 cup / 350g
  • cold milk 1 cup / 250g
  • baking powder 1 tablespoon / 10g
  • baking soda 1/2 teaspoon / 3g
  • salt 1 teaspoon / 6g
  • oil 1 tablespoon / 12g

Chinese fried sticks did not come out as big as chefs made it; I need to practice more on kneading! A deep-fried strip of dough eaten in East Asia, my children grew up having it as 燒餅油條. You-tiao are normally eaten at breakfast, but as my children never grew to like soy milk, they would just have it with the sesame seed wrapper (shao-bing).

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