World Rat Day

Did you know April 4th is World Rat Day?


Johnny and Timmy are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and cute. Witness:

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BuzzFeed likes rats too. I just learned rats “spend about 76 percent of daylight hours sleeping.” Who knew? And can you handle this Instagram star dumbo rat cuteness? They only live 2-3 years, but rats can be such highly trainable, great pets. Last but not least, here are some cute rat photos to consider. I do like it when rats stalk cats because rats are way more social than cats. ^_^


Italian Christmas Eve

Good to be back! Here’s a sampling of authentic Italian cuisine at I Tre Ciliegi in Matelica, Italy. The Feast of the Seven Fishes (Festa dei sette pesci) is an Italian celebration of Christmas Eve. This allows for the fasting from  red meat, although there is not set count of the numbers of fish. We did have Insalata di mare of squid/octopus, clams, mussels, and shrimps.

You can also stay there, and experience some incredible food. Hope you had lovely holidays!

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B&B I Tre Ciliegi
Vocabolo Felette BAsse n°571
62024 – MATELICA
Telefono: (+39) 0737 84518

Freshwater aquarium fish

One of my Golden Molly females (Poecilia sphenops, this variety nicknamed the “24 karat”) looked very pregnant, so I put her in a separate breeder box. This morning I woke up and found out she gave birth to this bundle of joy!

There are about 28 of them, only a day old but all healthy — and they eat a lot! They will look like the parents when they grow up into that beautiful golden yellow. I’m glad I had a hunch that night and saved those babies (thinking before I went to bed that the mother would give birth overnight). I was very happy to save their lives, even though they are so tiny.

~ Kai-ling

Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

Thanks to Simon’s Cat, I found out the 12th of November is Fancy Rat & Mouse Day! In honor of that, I will introduce the two little brothers I adopted in early June this year: Timothy and Jonathan (named after the characters in the book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH).

Male fancy rats are supposed to be stinkier, less trainable, but bigger couch potatoes/lapdogs than females. Mine are neutered, so they’re less aggressive and stinky with a softer coat. They’re both black Berkshire-patterned (colored top, white belly), which always means it’s challenging to tell them apart. The only difference: The bald tip of the tail is longer on Johnny (he was larger when I adopted them). Personality-wise, Timmy is always curious, more affectionate, and the escape artist. Johnny is a slave to his stomach, will try things only after Timmy, and is an overall homebody. This balances out so that I can’t say which one is the more trainable of the two. But “rats are one of the easiest animals to train due to their adaptability, intelligence, and focus.”

Incidentally, I’m the year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, therefore that makes me intelligent, persuasive, sociable, charming, industrious, meticulous, and tenacious, according to Wikipedia.

~ Jessica