Seven Things to Reboot my Life

Inspired by Wil Wheaton’s post, I thought to make my own list. Lists are good. So.

Get outside
Read more (journal articles).
Write more (manuscripts for journals).
Get better sleep. (7 to 9 hours a night)
Eat more organic food.
Sit less. (Read: try yoga)

Get Outside
I have a desk job, like so many individuals. That means in a typical work week, I’m only outdoors on my commute or for groceries. And it’s not a bad commute, four km on a bike through rural and wooded country lanes. But it’s not even 20 minutes each way, and not intensive cardio. The only other time I’m outside is if my boyfriend takes me birding. Solution: do more birding. Or bike faster. Or read outdoors if it’s not too cold.

Read More
Since getting a free tablet with my WiFi contract this past year and installing the Kindle app on it, I have read over a hundred (not necessarily quality) books. That means historical / fiction / fantasy. I need to push through more journal articles, which I keep mostly updated via the very helpful Google Scholar Alerts, so that’s something. But the ideal is reading, critiquing, and incorporating their findings into my own research understanding. And writing. Leading to my next goal…

Write More
I acquired a Make It Happen! journal (after choosing it over the Start Where You Are and Start Now!: The Creativity Journal) to encourage my focus and productivity and thoughts-to-words transmission. I haven’t even cracked it open yet. Too much expectation? Find a moment to just think about time management and prioritizing my short-term goals. I make lists in my lab notebook, but they need to be more manageable.

Hard water is a big issue for me about living in Germany. Situated right next to the Bodensee, more broadly known as Lake Constance, you would think we would benefit from fresh water. Alas! That means I invested in a BRITA Fill&Go water bottle, to somewhat filter the mineral-rich tap water I drink (for those who don’t know bottled water is a crime). It’s sitting on my desk now. Yay.

Get better sleep.
My workday alarm is set for 7:45am. That means I should go to bed 10:45 PM or 12:15 AM or 1:45 AM, plus 14 minutes to fall asleep. I never follow the sleep schedule. I have even tried setting an evening alarm, but eventually disobey that. Anyone have ideas?

Eat more organic.
I like buying organic (here called “Bio”), but organic food spoils so rapidly. Cooking for one and not enough menu planning means I tend to avoid organic because I don’t want to face its rotting state. And more meal planning to make sure I only get what I need and let nothing go to waste is an even greater time investment. Posting recipes on this site should help me organize my favorite recipes to make, at least. I pin too much, too, and their search algorithm could be improved (e.g. identifying duplicates), but it’s so fast and thought-free.

That’s all, folks!



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